My Nephews

silk man’s robe, 1986

My nephews rock.

I traveled to Chicago to see part of my family this past weekend and saw these two young men all grown up straight and tall.

But besides that, they are extraordinary human beings.

It is interesting theater to see family after a long absence and witness myself worrying how they will ‘take’ the new disabilities in me I can’t hide and seeing that people who love me can and do RISE to the occasion, whatever the hell it may be.

They got GAME… my family.

A wheelchair was rented, wrested out of the trunk on our arrival and the boys stepped up and pushed their aunt in such a gentlemanly way that I could do nothing but relax into the ride.

I asked my sister: “Is it weird pushing me in a chair?”

“Well… Yes. But we can get used to anything.”

I liked that she told me the truth.

The boys are handsome and extremely engaging creatures in the off moments from techno-plug-in.

In most kids, I have real concern about the addiction to cyber stimulus but not these two.

They talk to you. They look at you for long periods of time in interested ways as we talk. They ask questions. They answer questions with long and interesting sentences. They take a stand on things they believe in and hold to it. They have impeccable manners.

I found myself inspired by them both. Proud to be in their tribe. Eager to give them all I could to help ease their road should they need that.

What DO I have to give them, actually?

The best thing I can think of comes from the movie AVATAR but they borrowed it from revered texts of long ago: “I SEE YOU”


I really think that may be the greatest gift we have to offer one another.

I see you beyond your youth and position in the family and expectations of others and insecurities and things you think you know for sure right now.

It’s really more of a feeling thing.

“I feel your heart and it is very, very good.”

I don’t know how it happened that their parents knew how to build a foundation that allowed for these two young men to flourish into the walking goodness they are.

But I’ll let them push me around any old day.


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  1. gerry harty on June 1st, 2010

    Amen Cathy!

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