Woman Becoming

“WOMAN BECOMING”, 6′ x 45″, m/m

This is likely the most pivotal piece of art I ever created.

I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to create that day and this arrived unbidden.

I was a little afraid..

The process of bringing her to form was tumultuous and other-worldly as I lost touch with time and place and just stepped out of the way.

My intention that day was to create a wedding gift for my husband to be I was to marry in the next few months.

Having set that purpose it was up to me to set all ego based wanting to the side and watch to see what wanted to come forward.

She was so insistent and fierce and vulnerable at the same time.

The piece took my breath away as it was nothing like anything I had ever created before.

My husband loved it and we both enjoyed her company for the years we remained married.

When we divorced he generously asked if I’d like her back.

I look at this photo of her and see the giant red schism running down her middle and the fact she has no discernable legs.

She was so much wiser than I at the time.. the bride- to-be enchanted by endless wooing with fine wine and status gleaned from the attentions of the company president.

I slipped so terrifyingly easily into the ‘serve-your-man’ job description.

I entertained with sparkly dinner tables and took second seat as he attempted to sell his business.

I lost my legs.

Forgive me if it sounds as if I am blaming him.

That, certainly is a seductive road.

But the truth be told, the schism was ‘Cathy created” pure and anything but simple.

How weird is it that now, as I have MS as my companion, I get my legs back?

In reality, each day I seem to lose a bit more muscle strength.

They are untrustable, my legs.

But the ground I’ve covered since way back when!

Now, THAT takes my breath away!

And she was all the wiser, that girl who appeared as the unbidden wedding gift..

All raw and halved and yet-to-be-formed.

Such a gorgeous gift she was. IS.

Her voice still, to this day, sings to me. A whispered reminder.


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