Alexandra’s Art Opening

textile design, 1987, silk

I seem to have access to more energy these days.

Last night, I took a good friend and we went to an art opening.

The artist is one of my best friends.

I had trepidation entering the hallowed halls of the art world as I’ve cut the cord in many ways while I heal.

People miss me I know and wonder at my absence.

The art world is charged with lots of “Look at me! and tell me what you think about me!”

I also have unfinished business with two old friends I knew would be there.

We have loved each other and abruptly lost the friendship and carried hurt and probably a grudge or two over years as we cordially meet and separate, the grudge still taking up space.

But yesterday, something freed us.. let ME loose at least.

These two men are a couple who’ve been together for many years.

They are inseparable.

Between the two of them the energy front is formidable.

Not in a mean way but more an ‘us -against-y’all’ kind of thing.

Last night, the gods were with us as I met each of them separately.

In the few moments of chat and checking one another out, we healed.

Actually, I can’t speak for them.

For me though, a giant shift happened.

Things I noticed:

1. I was practicing NOT CONNECTING which I wrote about last week.

2. I looked and felt 100% on my game.

3. I had my friend at my side who I love and trust as support whereas I usually go to these things alone.

4. My energy was good so nothing in me was dragging or wishing I was elsewhere.

5. I was extremely present and genuinely glad to see these two SEPARATELY.

6. I was able to meet their eyes in a very clean energetic way and in that moment the grudge was gone and I loved them again (SEPARATELY).

The separate thing seemed to be the key.

I’ll have to remember the fact that I get overwhelmed when too much energy is coming at me like poorly disguised daggers and I fold.

Seems like a no-brainer when I say it but I am just a toddler in the self-protection arena.

From the reaction I received from many at the opening: “Cathy, you look so great!” I can sense that ALL THE HEALING I AM DOING ON EACH AND EVERY LEVEL SHOWS!

And I can feel it.

And that is what counts.

And I am on my knees in gratitude for the gift of life-with-the-energy-to-live-it.



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