Chaos and Order

“BEACH SANDS”, 2007, sand,wood

This piece is made from sand collected from many beaches.

I have always liked the juxtaposition of chaos and order.

In this case, the idea of tiny grains of sand from various places; tossed in the waves for God knows how many eons and then introducing the geometry on top of that.

It soothes me, somehow.

And so, I wonder how this thread of order and not which shows up in my work so often makes itsself known in my life?

Well, the chaos part is pretty self-evident.

It starts with an M and ends with an S.

The order is the interesting element because I seem to fight it in many ways but see that it is essential for a sense of wholeness for me.

I’m feeling too vulnerable this morning to list all the areas out of order in my life at the moment but suffice it to say they are there.

…and there..

…and there…

What I am drawing attention to this morning is the solace that seems to come from the presence of the two.

Together, they are life-supporting. Chaos and order.

I’m going to wobble over there and clean up my desk…


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