detail of textile, pigment on wool flannel, 1984

I’m lucky when I think it is funny that I notice myself making up intricate stories about the future.

I say lucky because it is so seductive to execute a full-out novella when really I only know the first few words for sure.

Let’s back up here..

There’s a man.

Then there’s me.

We feel connected in a sexy and invitational way.

We really like each other a lot. Respect one another. Can sense a little bit of the ‘us’ behind each of our backstories.

So we inch a bit forward to test the waters on a ‘kindof date.’

We share a table and it is CROWDED with all the expectations, longing, assumptions and tangled webs of two precious humans hungry for a soft place to fall.

I wanted..

And he wanted..

And we missed each other in all the wanting.

The essence of our connection which is pure and real and very rare is not meant for lovership.

It interests me how the instant a powerful energetic synergy is perceived between two people we immediately think it is about a particular kind of intimacy.

These days, I see myself drawing people into my life who support me on very essential levels which have nothing to do with staying the night.

I know the world is moving ever faster because my past is full of relationships I knew were not essentially supportive yet I stayed in them for years.

I love that I can trust myself more easily these days.

Recognize the many, many faces of love.

And not feel I have to take them all home.


2 Responses to “Date”

  1. Debbie on July 19th, 2010

    I love your writing! I also can’t agree with you more about the different kinds of love. In fact it is the love that you don’t take home at night that can be the greatest at times. I wish you all the love you can find!

  2. karen gordon on July 19th, 2010

    so perfectly written. so authentically felt and what a courageous conclusion. you got massive spunk and wisdom woman. 🙂

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