detail of sculpture, ceramic

Cathy has MS (or whatever it is..)

She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

She is irritable.

50,000 tourists descend on her town in the Summer.

They wear khaki shorts and spanking new cowboy hats to keep off the sun.

They are good because they buy things.

But there are too many.

And it is HOT here!

100 degrees some days.

This makes Cathy very weak.

It is best to leave her alone when she gets this way.

Tomorrow will be coming and that is a good thing.


One Response to “Heat”

  1. Debbie on July 14th, 2010

    Well since I’m so far away and not contributing to the heat in Santa Fe I figure it’s OK to not leave you alone today. I must say that I absolutely love that sculpture in today’s post. Did you do that? It just seems to come alive for me. I hope you don’t stay irritable all day and find a nice cool place to stay. Sending cooling thoughts your way!

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