Jonah’s Pool

If I were forced to choose a time in my life that I hold most dear it would be my high school years at Cranbrook.

In truth, my name was called each morning in classes across the lake at KINGSWOOD, the girl’s school part of the educational community.

But I likely was not there to answer.

I was given the gift of an education at Cranbrook by my grandmother.

A number of my ancestors names were carved (legally) in the halls of both schools upon graduation.

The Cranbrook Community is a rarified piece of real estate; both of the mind and the earthen kind.

I will write more about my time there another day but I woke this morning thinking about Jonah’s Pool.

The pack I ran with were boys, mostly.

Smart and sassy, irreverent and intense.

I loved them. Love them still.

They saved me but they likely don’t know that.

We laughed and cut class and smoked pot and walked around the grounds at Cranbrook in the process of becoming the men and women we are today.

We just looked around at things.. life.. and took note. We were too high to put the pieces together back then but later on in life we did.

It was the finest backstory you could ever imagine.

Jonah’s Pool was dark. And surrounded on all sides by green. And BIG! And in off hours, private.

It served as a swimming pool for the boarding students, teachers and all those associated with Cranbrook.

It felt like a secret place as you walked through the glade and the big, black water opened up in front of you.

I was too depressed most of the time in high school.

That pool gave me freedom as I crept through the green gates of hedge in the half light of Michigan evenings.

I scanned the still water and if I found no one there, I left my clothes on the bank and dove into the dark.

I never quite knew what was under that water.

Could have been anything.

But the mystery and surrender of the dive called me and I kept listening over the years.

It was medicine, that water.

A private reverie.

A grand erasure.

And I was new.

And I was new.

Today, so many years past, here in the desert, I remember.


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  1. Diane White on July 4th, 2010

    After meeting you the other day at Body, I have been reading your postings. Jonah’s pool, diving into the unknown, wonderful metaphor that sparks my soul and imagination. Santa Fe is filled with amazing and talented people, so happy to meet another one. Hope we meet again.

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