Sweet Spot

detail , 2006, 76″ x 54′, ceramic, earth, mirrors ,nails

My dog, Olivia is my primary healer some days.

The weakness in my legs seems to stem from a specific spot in my lower back.

She knows something is ‘off’ there.

This little creature burrows down under the covers and presses her back into the small of mine and stays there.

When she does this we both heave a huge and audible sigh.

How does she know?

What did I do to gain the privilege of her company and healing?

If I cry, she lays on my chest with a furrowed brow and licks away my tears.

She keeps licking until I am soothed and quiet.

I see her face becoming progressively whiter by the day.

I know part of what she does for me is to take on much of the energy I release as I heal.

We are both working very, very hard.

People tell me they are not sure they could negotiate this terrain I deal with moment by moment.

The truth is we never know what we are capable of until called to the plate.

I do what I do but I am blessed not to do it alone.


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