“WHITE SANDS”, 2008, each piece = 14″ x 14′ X 7″, gypsum, wood

Yesterday, I pulled a sage green sweater from my closet and put it on.

I went about my morning and noticed I was getting really irritated and depressed.

There was a pile of clothes on the floor and I watched myself keep looking at a violet shirt I had worn the previous day.

It wouldn’t let me go.

Finally, I realized the green of the thing I had on was NOT WORKING FOR MY WELL BEING.

I tore it off and put on the violet shirt.

Immediately, I began to feel more myself and as the day progressed I lost all memory of the depression.


If you look in my closet you will see a lot of black, white and variations on red.

I seem to be particularly sensitive to color on my body.

I have learned which ones let the essence of me shine through without their own overlay of agenda.

Doesn’t this sound very ‘Santa Fe’?

But really… color affects me deeply and I think, all of us to varying degrees.

It is a powerful tool.

Just watch women in the political realms staking their claim to power.

They wear a horrible shade of orange-red suit.

Someone told them red is a power color.

And they take that to the bank without a modicum of finesse.

What SHADE of red works for me?


How do I know?

All very good questions, indeed.

For me, WHITE happens to serve me best when I want and need all my ducks in a row. It is a power color for me.

BLACK is purely neutral in my case and I understand why I have so much of it in my closet.

On my way toward discovering my authentic self I could have nothing that distracted me from my task. The vibe of bright yellow, for instance, might’ve sent me to the loony bin.

Yesterday, I was heading in that direction but caught myself in time.

I love sanity.

And knowing some tools to keep me there.


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  1. Debbie on July 10th, 2010

    What a fascinating post. I know color effects my mood but I’ve never examined it very closely. This definitely gives food for thought. I’m glad you caught yourself in time.

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