Good To Be A Girl

“PRIESTESS”, 1997, 12″ X 3″, CERAMIC

This morning I woke up and showered with new shampoo and conditioner.

They smelled like Hawaii.

I have never been to Hawaii but I know it smells like that.

I did my ritual of pill-taking except it felt different today because I moved them to a different place in the kitchen and approached it like an altar instead of a ‘too familiar’ action.

I put on make up and loved the look of my face; tanned, healthy, natural, undefended.

Looking in the mirror after I get my feet and legs solidly under me, the favorite pink lipstick comes out.

Then Olivia starts wagging her tail like some convict just tasting freedom after 30 years behind bars and we take the power chair out for a spin.

The air is fresh.

She takes inordinate pleasure in peeing and pooping and I smile knowing the feeling.

I look away to give her privacy.

Later, we go to the drugstore for more pills and have a little trouble pulling the heavy door open and negotiating the walker through.

I look up and see a beautiful wrinkly face on a tiny old woman propping the door open for me.

She says:” You look so good. You must be in your 30’s”.

I am standing there not believing this gorgeous old woman is opening the door for ME..

Something is off with this picture but we talk and she says she is 86 and thinks my walker is cool.

My heart is singing a little tune as I roll off to the car and I have a big smile on my face and give the dog 5 treats because I’m kindof overflowing with SOMETHING but I’m not sure exactly what but I know it is good.

It is very, very good to be a girl.

We get to lavish ourselves in scented things and put fun colors on lips and eyes and notice nuance and connect everyday things to something larger than us and belong to a sisterhood with no age requirements and be moved deeply and surprised by the opening.

I’m not claiming exclusive gender rights to these life-enhancing things..

Just feeling very girly and quite good about it.


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  1. Caitlin on August 8th, 2010

    Love it Cathy. And oh how I wish I had your spirit to write down those little moments.

    Tiska said I couldn’t “make faces” anymore as I down my morning, then evening “meds”… so I don’t! Like the notion of an altar … though hot chocolate rewards work for me too.

    Hasta Tuesday!

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