“MESA”, 60″ x 40″, 1999, m/m

For a short time in grade school I was a hurdler.

In Phys. Ed. the coach would set up a short run of them and we’d have ourselves a meet.

I was a struggling hurdler.

Gymnastics was my game and truth be told: I was slow on my feet.

My body has an interestingly vivid memory of what it took to clear one of these things.

Set your heart on overdrive.
LEAN into the hurdle at perfect time to allow a
STRETCH one leg out in front farther than you know possible.
COMPACT your body into a tight thing that takes up little space.
At the same time exert big energy to PULL other leg up into a bent knee and LIFT knee as high as possible.
Maybe clear the hurdle.
Feel free.

When one does hurdles it is a good idea to pull every ounce of energy in toward yourself as close as you can get it.

That container of life that you make yourself is what you feed off of as you sprint into the netherlands.

Nothing messy. Nothing out of place. No cells being used for anything other than making it over the hurdle as a streamlined and elegant machine intent on getting to the other side.

I am writing this today to remind Cathy of what it takes to heal herself.


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