Never Alone

hand painted terry robe, 1987

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the women of WESST.

These brilliant people are dedicated toward assisting women(mostly) who are in transition and need start-up business counseling, funding or just a brainstorming session or two.

They are sort of the female faction of S.C.O.R.E.

Because I AM in transition from a lifetime of art making into a different sort of life and my brain does NOT lean toward prudent business decision-making,

These brilliant women and I had a round-table discussion.

They are housed in the SANTA FE BUSINESS INCUBATOR which is a shiny, new and modern building that smells like success when you walk in.

I surprised myself as I began our meeting with a force in me that I almost didn’t recognize.

I knew I had to be succinct as I outlined my desires and plans for them; not too fast but knowing I only had one hour with them.

I told them about my book proposal in the works.

I have some extraordinary film footage I shot two years ago as I took a chain saw to all my old art and burned it in a ceremony to make room for my new life and I want to have it professionally edited into a film I can use for my speaking in the future.

They looked at this blog and the video I’ve posted and they all sat back at the end of my presentation and paused..

I waited.

Then there were suggestions popping up here and there regarding funding I could apply for.

They said, “Why not start at the top here?”

“The Oprah Foundation has a lot of grant money for serious people like you.”

“You need bridge money to continue doing your creative work.”

“Call the Library of Congress and ask them for grants available for the disabled. People don’t know this but they HAVE to answer ANY question you call with (within reason, I am guessing).

Anyway, the point of all this is that THEY TOOK ME VERY SERIOUSLY.

It was absolutely thrilling to recognize I have been working toward a new future and some very smart women gave me a big, giant green light and by doing that helped me feel VERY SUPPORTED .

And not alone.

I can tell you that making a new life is a challenging bit of row to hoe.

But SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO much more doable when you do it in partnership.

I am feeling healthy enough to put some serious momentum behind my new career of writer/public speaker.


3 Responses to “Never Alone”

  1. Caitlin on August 13th, 2010

    Hot damn and hallelujah Cathy! How inspiring! My heart is racing for and with you.
    Take a deep breath today.
    Ease into what YOU want to BE as a coach would say,
    not only what others KNOW you can DO.

    And know you inspire others. I am using your blog as template-y for mine.
    my friend Vicky Giannangelo posted YOUR site to 3 Facebook sites she found about MS!

    What do they say, “YOU ROCK!”

  2. Alexandra on August 13th, 2010

    wow, Cath, you have been recognized for what you are. I already see all your dreams coming true! The Indomitable Cathy Aten! xxA.

  3. gerry harty on August 13th, 2010

    Cathy I met you once at your opening years ago at Deloney Newkirk and knew instantly that you were a force to be dealt with… you are something else girlfriend and I mean that with all of my heart…Cathy Aten is a POWERFUL WOMAN!!!

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