New Look At Home

“THIN LINE”, 2000, 24″ x 24″, m/m

When I came across this, it made me think of how over-the-top glad I am that moved into a small place.

It was a jarringly abrupt change in square footage and segueing from home ownership to apartment dwelling was a shift.

When I look at these amazingly gorgeous and economical uses of space that the Japanese dare to create I just about swoon.

We all know we are headed in the same direction that over-population directs us; that of taking up less space.

Here in Santa Fe there are neighborhoods of 10-20,000 square foot homes that lie vacant for all but two weeks of the year.

We seem to have lost the sense of poetry that living informed by the currency of the times affords.

It is a ‘take what you’ve got and make something beautiful’ opportunity.

I think that the grist for the mill in the MS conundrum is the same.

I know I have the blessing of being an aesthete which primes my sensibilities toward the creation of something interesting if not beautiful.

And for that I am very glad.

Because crafting a beautiful life is entertaining to me.

I seem to thrive on the duality of it all needing something ugly to push up against to get to the gleaming thing.

I keep wishing it wasn’t like that but then the pleasure in the creation of beauty might pale into some beige and neutral horror.

And beige is my most un-favorite color.


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