3 Books

“LAYERS”, 2004, 11″ x 11″, m/m

Over the years, I find myself returning to the pages of these three books time and time again.

They are not complicated but rather simple musings on things important to me;

Beauty. What’s really important in life. The unsolveable questions we keep asking ourselves. How to face down a challenge and win.

I wanted to share them with you.

They are little, little books.

With a lot to say.
IN PRAISE OF SHADOWS,by Jun’ichiro Tanizake

This little gem is a commentary on architecture, drama, food, feminine beauty and the bathrooms all found in Japanese culture. The author makes clear his own love of the softer, quieter, more shadowy, older aesthetics of Japan and his pain while all that is squelched by more garish products Western technology has visited on them. Worth reading the 50 pages of this just for the bathroom description alone.
BREAKFAST AT THE VICTORY, the mysticism of ordinary experienceby James P. Carse
He teaches us how to see and appreciate what seems at first regular and ordinary.
THE ART OF LIVING, A Joseph Campbell Companion, by Joseph Campbell
This is my favorite book of all time. I keep it in my car to read when I have a few moments. It is a collection of quotes and short essays on things like marriage, Greek Gods, the meaning of life, work and the sacred. Every time I pick up this book, I mean EVERY time.. there is the perfect thing for me.
He is one of the wisest men I know of, particularly here, in this 6″ x 4″ tiny collection of pages.
THINK ON THESE THINGS, by Krishnamurti
I was made aware of this book when my mind and spirit first began to be hungry for the whole theater of experience going on behind the veils. This is a brilliant and truly approachable book that makes it so much easier to be human after you read it.
yes.. I know that was four books but I couldn’t help myself.


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  1. Pam on September 4th, 2010

    Thank you, Cathy – can’t wait to read these! xo

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