Backroads are better than highways.

1. They slow ya down so you can see things.

One time I had a date with a man in Colorado I did not know too well. It was my turn to make the long drive up to see him. I felt like a back road gal that day and ambled my way down two lane highways until I saw a cow. She was close to the fence and I stopped. She was at the very beginning stages of giving birth! So, I sat right down there with her to give support; I cooed and sung to her.

Two hours later I got up and continued on my way up see the man. I ended up being very, very late but it was just as well.. he didn’t get the magic of my story anyway.

2. The dialects and fashion choices and things-that-pass-for-food one can see in hide-a-way restaurants are fodder for stories to tell unbelieving friends and countrymen for years to come.

3. It feels intimate.

You stop when you want. You really feel the road. Peeing is never an emergency because there’s always a bush close by. With windows open the wind is a friend. Singing to the radio is more likely because of the happiness quotient.

4. Getting lost is likely.

That way, you let the gods make your map and get to see where you REALLY are meant to go. Or stay. Or see.

5. Treasures are to be had.

A fruit stand with sun warmed cherries from Michigan will rearrange your entire value system. Plastic ‘looks-like-straw-but-isn’t’ cowboy hats from a convenience store in Arizona are worth driving hundreds of miles for.

And so… there you have it..

Not a thing remotely MS-y about this post (except the peeing part).
Just playing devil’s advocate to the lovers of speed who insist covering a lot of ground is better than digging a hole to see what’s inside.



2 Responses to “Backroads”

  1. Muff on September 11th, 2010

    Cathy, like you, I love the back roads. when Hubby and I used to drive to the shore, we often abandoned the major highways, and took out-of-the-way thorofares so we could see many sights. When I visit my sister in WI, she does the same, and we call it “an adventure.” Sometimes you just need to take that less-traveled road to truly enjoy the trip.

  2. Bibliotekaren on September 11th, 2010

    Yes, the rambling day on backcountry roads — those were good. Oh, the characters…course, maybe that’s what they thought of me.

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