Today is the beginning of Autumn.

There is a full moon as well.

Tomorrow the days begin to shorten.

I absolutely love and need to live in a place where the seasons are obvious.

They help my inner tides ebb and flow so I make sure I don’t become stuck in the reflection and hybernation of Winter or
the push and electricity of new life in Spring.

Each are so seductive.

And I’m glad to see them arrive.

And leave.

I need the change they provide.

I am interested to watch myself become more and more tuned to natural cycles.

The apartment I now live in is a place where the weather and moods of Nature are mere inches away from me as I sit in the bay window during a big black storm or drop the shades to searing heat and sun.

I like the feeling of having ‘just enough’ shelter and no more.

In Michigan, where I grew up, the air was always choked with humidity.

You were hard pressed to even find the moon and stars were out of the question except on rare and clear nights.

Sometimes, I write and wonder what in the world this has to do with MS and HEALING THROUGH it?

The only answer I have to that question is the fact I continue to gain in health.

And that fact has me pay close attention to what I am doing, thinking, not doing, eating, revering, shunning, picking up and putting down.

This immense refinement of a life I am inside feels horrible


How weird.

And so… something is working.

And I watch.

And listen.

And tell the tale.

As I wobble on down to the door that takes me into the next hall of mirrors.

And I charge myself with making all the adjustments necessary to get a grip on the shifting landscape.

And keep my lipstick looking fresh.


One Response to “Equinox”

  1. Elisa Bongiovanni on September 22nd, 2010

    Ah yes, the lipstick must always be fresh!
    Something must stay the same as we
    twist through the inner tunnel and keep
    discovering.and feeling and being…..

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