Lilies In The Bathroom

detail of painting, m/m

Being a single woman for awhile now, I’ve collected people around me who I consider chosen family.

They check on me, look out for my well being, notice if I’m ok or not.

Coffee shops and restaurants around town know me well as I often come in and sit by myself seemingly enchanted by my own little world of writing or thinking or reading.

I know their names, tip well and over time have come to call them friends.

One place in particular I go to is a small place which caters to an interesting clientele serving good and healthy food cooked with love.

I go off hours when practically no one else is there and muse about important things.

It is a really casual place with fresh flowers on every table.

Charlotte and Jesus who are the owners do the darndest things to make sure the place continues to hold it’s BEST OF SANTA FE award.

It is all in the details.

If you should chance to visit TUNE-UP cafe, a trip to the bathroom is a must.

For no other reason than the fact IT IS FILLED WITH LILIES!!!!!!!

Perpetually fresh and intoxicatingly fragrant, you’d swear you were at the Four Seasons.

Except this is a tiny cafe which counts on friends telling friends about it for business.

Why does the presence of scarlet Stargazer lilies in the bathroom make me swoon?

1. They didn’t have to do that. No one in their right mind expects a huge and opulent bunch of fresh flowers in the restroom.
2. It is an unexpected way to take care of their clientele and we (clearly) feel taken care of.
3. Perfect example of providing more that what is expected or asked for.. just because you can.
4. Feels like a silent and tender touch on the shoulder leaving me with the feeling every thing is ok.
5. An unsolicited gesture of grace.

My reaction to this leaves me no question that my own way of being as I walk through the world makes a difference.

Am I complaining? Bored? Frustrated?

Ready with a smile? A genuine “Thank you”. Or an “I’m sorry”?

Clearly, IT ALL makes a difference and urges me toward cleaning up the cobwebs in my own life.

When, maybe the easier thing might be to take a pause from the responsibility of the fact we have an effect whether we know it or not.


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  1. Caitlin on September 1st, 2010

    Welcoming September …
    I remember moving into a tiny apartment in Washington DC (way back in 1996) … and the assistant from my old job in Indpls, IN sent me a bouquet of stargazer lilies for the first day in the apartment! Luxurious smell and cheer/grace as I sat in the middle of boxes and boxes.

    Thanks for taking me back there today Cathy.
    May your day be well

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