In New Mexico the moon can get so bright that it’s almost frightening.

When this happens like it is now I just can’t help remembering that Nature is so much more than we know.

We like to think we have everything all figured out.

But when I went out into the darkness last night to sit on my patio


Dark, I mean….

I could see my shadow.

The air was not soft and enveloping and ‘hide within’ black.

It was decidedly ELECTRIC and STUNNING with the light.

It was the kind of light the wise men may have seen and were compelled to follow.

Something unnatural about it.. and portentous.

So I sat there in that light.

And my heart was beating faster.

I wondered what it wanted me to know?

Because I felt oddly urged beyond complacency down unknown and winding paths.

I had wanted that little ‘patio-sit’ to be a lullaby.

A soft entry into dreamland.

But instead, it WOKE ME UP!

Grabbed the scruff of my neck and shook me.

I haven’t figured it out.

And really am so very glad I can’t.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on September 20th, 2010

    Mystery…is so very engaging, and awe inspiring.

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