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New Mexicans love rain.

Because we hardly ever see it.

And yesterday was wet.

I mean borderline torrential.

I have mixed feelings about rain because of my driveway.

It is dirt with a generous grade to it.

When the rain comes, a giant river of run-off begins eating away my carefully constructed (and re-constructed) smooth access to the street for my wheelchair.

A friend had generously and lovingly laid bricks in at the bottom of the drive hoping the rainwater would flow OVER them and leave me access.

But nnnnnnoooooo..

Water weaves it’s own course of least resistance.

And I know when I go out this morning for my roll around the ‘hood’ that I’ll be marooned and unable to cross the gulch that inevitably formed last night.

I checked with the city to see if I could install a culvert and found the cost prohibitive.

So the bricks will have to be relaid.

And so..

Today I exercise patience.

And I’ll drive the dog to the park.

And just smell the deep and musky scents left hanging in the dampness by the reigning power-that-be.

Who slaked the thirst of every green thing and forgot to cover her tracks as she left in such a hurry.


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  1. Barry on September 23rd, 2010

    “Slaked” Hmmmm, I’m gonna try to remember to use that word sometime.

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