“BLACK FOREST”, 2008, 8′ x 24″ x 30″, ceramic, sand, wood

I actually don’t have too many regrets in my life.

But there is this one I keep thinking about..

The piece of art pictured here was just meant to be created in bronze, I think.

Isamu Noguchi has always been an artist I admired above most others.

He knew about the element of “NOTHING EXTRA”

And his voice was always secondary to the natural ‘voice’ of the material he was using.

His work seemed to constantly point us away from him and back to Nature.

I always dreamed of a park somewhere inhabited by larger-than-life sized bronzes of some of these pieces I created.

Over time, grass would grow over the work in ways that would make it seem like they had been there for all time.

Kids would play on them.

Lovers would lean and kiss.

Snow would fall and leaves would blow.

And they would be there in the middle of it all.

An extra added attraction but not the main event.

Oh, how I would love to create that work of art…

And so.. today, I’m just giving homage to an idea that only made it halfway and which, I felt needed a bit more airplay..

And now I can better lay it down to rest.


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