Sometimes a girl just needs a steak for dinner.

And last night, after a challenging day, this girl got her wish.

I am a creature of habit in the food department and have been known to order the same thing off menus for embarrassingly long periods of time.

But last night I needed steak.

The thing is… it was so hot here yesterday that my musculature was lazy and uncooperative.

Meaning: if I ordered the steak I’d have to pick up a knife with my right hand and carve my dinner into small enough pieces to eat.

And I knew my arm wouldn’t / couldn’t do it.

At times such as these I would normally order something different.

But I wanted / needed steak.

So… what’s a girl to do?

I said to the waitress: “This may sound weird but I have MS and my arm is not really working well today. Would you consider asking the chef to cut the meat into small pieces for me?”

Now, I am as prideful as the next, believe me.

But, in this case I HAD NO SHAME.

I was not pleading and there was absolutely no woe-is-me about it.

I was looking for assistance and I knew it was not a lot to ask.

I could have made up some horrible story about the whole thing like: “Uh,oh…here’s another part of my body faltering.”

Doing that would have cancelled out my whole satisfying experience with the steak.

As my dinner arrived gorgeously accessable, the waitress seemed pleased to have been asked to participate in helping me have a good experience.

And I DID have a great dinner.

I looked good, felt solidly in myself, was utterly grateful that I like my own company as much as I do and was extraordinarily pleased that I had let nothing get in the way of the pleasure of a fine meal.

I continue to be aware that there are few opportunities for one person to help another in our society.

First: we’re not supposed to need help.

And second: often the people we see who do ask us for help look scary or unapproachable so we turn away.

I am finding that the situations I find myself in where I need help, do help ME, yes.

They add to my humility quotient and I am different and better because of it.

But I see that I am giving others a chance to help another human being in a non-threatening way.

And they are moved by being asked and I see gratitude on their faces which has surprised me.

Surprised me very much.


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  1. Bibliotekaren on September 3rd, 2010


  2. Laura Hegfield on September 3rd, 2010

    Cathy this is terrific! I love so much about what you have shared. 1. that you thoroughly enjoyed yourself. 2. that you asked for what you needed with humility, and NO embarassment 3. that you had/have faith in other humans to be compassionate 4. that you opened an opportunity for giving to another person

    BRAVO indeed!!!

    You are such an inspiration to me. I’m so happy to have found you online. Today I celebrate transformation, growth and healing; it is exactly one year since I was diagnosed with MS…and I am filled with gratitude for all that I have learned and the amazing, compassionate, generous, loving people I have met along the journey…that includes you!

  3. Muff on September 3rd, 2010

    What a wonderful story. That seems like such a simple thing to do, but actually doing it took courage, and I admire your bravery. I agree that when we “allow” another person to help us, we are actually providing him/her with an opportunity to feel good about him/herself. Good for you, and I’m glad you enjoyed your steak.

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