This may be one of my top five favorite pieces I’ve created.

It always makes me laugh.

The surface is sort of like a thin layer of plaster applied over canvas.

After it dried, I began folding and manipulating the canvas in specific places.

Where I would bend it I could then peel and flake off some of the plaster to reveal the canvas underneath.

So, you can see that for each change in direction of a shape, a new ‘fold-and-peel’ needed to happen.

After all was said and done, the revealed places were painted black as you see.

What makes me laugh is that you can’t REALLY be all that attached to how you want the figures to look in the end because the technique has so many restrictions.

So.. when this piece took shape I couldn’t believe the intricacies in the conversations these people were having with each other!

Carl Jung would have had a field day.

Warriors, lovers, mothers and outcasts..

They have that communal energy of ancient cave dwellers deciding something important.

I never have been drawn to go into this piece far enough to actually decipher what it said about me.

I just let it have it’s life and enjoy it every time it crosses my path.

There’s wisdom in that last statement, there..

Guess that’s what I needed to know this morning.


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