Friends, Fireplaces and Feta Cheese

painting, m/m, 4′ x 5′

I’ve spoken of ‘church’ before.. what we call Sunday nights with the girl(s).

It is our form of communion.

Last night, as Autumn quietly seeped in sort of under the radar, we met.

Three of us plus my dog.

We met at Adele’s and she had laid the first fire of the season.

When I come through the door to her home, it always arrests me..

I have to stop and take it in; the purposeful placement of fascinating arrangements of flea market finds with a small vase of orchids tucked in there is one left for us to find last night.

My friend Keek is masterful at taking care of all of us in ways that only she can pull off unobtrusively; a perfect combo of delicacies from the market set in the center of the table to feed hungry girls; chicken, beets, feta, and bibb lettuce.

I try to take my sweater off but my arm isn’t working. Of course she sees and steps over to help without making me feel like an invalid.

We laugh in the low light of the evening.

Tell stories, concerns, wonders.

We listen well.

Each gets her turn.

Olivia takes her spot in each of our laps and we let her sit there with us at the table because she has good manners.

The scene is really not too very different than a church.

Except for bawdy laughter now and then.

But there is wine, confession, angels watching from the shadows.

The incense comes from the kitchen and the songs from our slender throats.

The thing is there is no leather bound book to remind us of the right words or tune.

Neither is there anyone officiating.

We make it all up.

And somehow.. just the innocent intent has all the elements gathered there for us.

Every time.

And as for me…

I take my leave after awhile into the night.

And lay my head on my pillow after awhile..

Warmed with the blanket of gratitude for my friends.



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  1. Barry on October 5th, 2010

    What can I say ……. anytime women and bawdy show up in the same story I like it ; >)

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