“TWO”, 4.5′ x 4′, pigment on wool flannel, something like 1995

In my book, Halloween holds no ‘elan.

It feels like a holiday for the privileged masses uninterested in or unaffected by a life lived ‘DE-masking’.

Folks take up the guise of goblins and pirates and mummies and witches.

They revel in the softening of themselves in order to slide into the skin of another.

I have spent my lifetime stitching together my very own costume.

And it truly did feel like a costume most of the while I was at work on the project.

“Fake it to make it’ as the adage goes..

The act of piecing together a solid sense of Self as a human, woman, life-participator-of-value,

When one has not had a reliable parent to back you up in the process,

Is a VERY long row to hoe.

And certainly NOT for the lazy or faint of heart.

There are horrors and mishaps and desert-dwelling years without much water.

But the result of such foraging..


And that I have.

It is my highest achievement to date.

And I am uninterested and unwilling to pick a costume to cover this preciousness up.

She is too new and untried as yet.

But I keep feeding her with the finest of food,

Like people who can add to her song and huge dollops of Nature and an intravenous line of Spirit.

The restaurants I frequent ask that all masks and disguises be left at the door.

And so the few of us sit there with shining faces and don’t really say much of anything.

We just appreciate one another in our birthday suits.


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  1. Elisa on October 30th, 2010

    Love this!!!

  2. gerry harty on October 30th, 2010

    bravo cathy xoxo

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