detail of painting, m/m

If you were to look inside my brain, you might see something like this. (photo)

Not literally but, in essence, the kind of activity you might see seems like it would look similar to the above.

From the outside, I may seem like I lead a life in the narrows.

But no.

That is not the case at all…

There’s this disability thing and my book proposal and getting dressed in time for the acupuncturist and getting my hand to work right so I can hold the water to wash my face and wondering which of my friends will put up with going to get groceries AGAIN for me and getting the dog outside and calling the editor and bending down to straighten the wrinkle in the rug and getting stuck and the dirty dishes and the letter that needs writing and the meditating and… and….. lack of movement here.

My brain clearly still works.

But it needs a rest.

And the ONLY way it gets it is to sit at my altar and meditate.


Sit down.


..and do it again.

and again…



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