Keith Richards

untitled, 22″ x 30″, monoprint

I am not a big music connoisseur.

It has never been a big part of my life.

When I write or have created art, it has always been in silence because I have wanted to be able to listen and respond to where I was being guided to go.

And not have that affected by where someone ELSE wanted to take me with their music.

There is one caveat to that statement which happens to be THE ROLLING STONES.

I ALWAYS (almost) want to go where they take me.

Keith Richards, the guitarist, has just published his autobiography called “LIFE.”

I love his craggy face and the way his chin juts out defiantly always sporting a cigarette dripping out of his mouth.

I find it odd that he engages me so.

You probably would’nt expect it of me.

But when he released his book I had to buy it.

Why him?, I asked myself as I surreptitiously dialed up Amazon on the computer.

I realized it is because he is TOTALLY UNAPOLOGETIC for the roads he has been drawn down in search of his muse.

Craggy, gritty, inching toward 70 and still out there doing his alchemy-thing.

Saying goodbye to Heroin and making nice and not as best he could with the ego-of-the-century lead man, Mick, while he negotiated his own ego with a capital ‘E’.

Rimming his eyes in black and cloaking himself away from the too bright sun (because he generated enough already?)

And still, after decades of sleeping with his guitar (really), he spins the gold dust left to him in a dream into high fidelity, blood boiling sounds that leave me different and better.


In an interview on NPR this week he spoke well and truly of wondering how to present THE STONES on stage as a ‘grown up’ band?
Key in: October 25, 2010

How does one leap and preen and tease out a sound that moves us as 65 yr. olds?

We’re all just making it up here..

Everything is in flux.

And so we need pioneers.

In relationship, health, music, religion, politics, et al..

I love The Stones because they’re all about ‘never say die….’

And so am I.


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