Laws of Nature

detail of textile, pigment on wool flannel

Sometimes I get up and over to the computer and I have no idea what to say..

I like the feeling of not knowing what I’m going to write about each morning and being surprised to see what wants to come forward.

People have asked if I have a stash of prepared posts ‘just in case’ I get up and got nuthin’.

Like today.

But the answer is decidedly NO, I don’t keep a file of filler posts.

Because one purpose of this blog is for me to discover what I got goin’ on inside me.

I want it unedited and as raw as I can get it, meaning not rehearsed or trying to look good.

And I’ve chosen to invite you along for the ride as my witness.

And so.. today I look through my archive of photos of past work and this little detail jumps out at me.

I didn’t know why at the time but now I see that the attraction is something about CHAOS AND ORDER.

The image represents that very alive and organic part of life I love so much as well as the logic and reason part which remains a bit foreign to Cath…

It is my ‘learning edge’ shall we say.

WITH EVERY EXPANSION COMES A CONTRACTION is my mantra in life, it seems.

And the pulling in part following an expansion always seems too constricting and almost claustrophobic.

But we can’t just stand out there expanding willy nilly can we now?

The laws of Nature don’t work that way… thankfully.

And so we expand.

And pull in.

And reach out again.

And retreat.

And decide to chance life again.

But see we need a different tack.

And open our heart.

And then give it a rest.

The laws of Nature are perfect.

And I am so grateful I wasn’t given the task of drawing them up.

Because we’d all be in a good deal of trouble.


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