“CRITICAL MASS”, 24″ x 24″, matches, earth

I just finished a very short stint in the MATCH.COM world.

I recognized I was feeling a bit ‘neutered’ as most of my energy goes into staying afloat in the pool of life.

Somewhere in there was the question of whether I was still an attracting force in the male population even with my walker and wheelchair.

It seemed that might be a way to put myself out there in an honest and forthright manner and see what came back.

I wrote a profile for myself which was a no-holds-barred treatise on Cathy.

It was fun to write, actually.

A photo was posted of me with my dog in the pouch of my walker so there could be no denying the realities present.

I asked for things important to me in relationship: humor, intellect, adventure, honesty, depth.

And lo and behold!

I received only kindness and interest from substantial men!

They happened to be from all over the country which does not work for me but the gist of the thing is that even though my life feels narrow and disconnected a good deal of the time, I saw that I still have it.

That is vital for me to know.

I recognized that internet dating is not the right venue for me as I rely on registering the energy of a person to gauge attraction.

You just can’t get that over the computer.

And people are VERY adept at presenting themselves the way they want to be seen.

I see the thing I have going for me is the fact there is a pretty solid part of the population hungry for honesty and the breath of fresh air that comes from ‘de-masking’.

I’ve got that in spades as I haven’t the energy to do the work of putting the worn and tattered, overused masks on anymore.

It was an excellent and short-lived foray into unknown waters and I am glad it is done.

But it was good for the girl to do it.


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  1. Bibliotekaren on October 19th, 2010

    You are brave.

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