My Friend and Foe

textile design, pigment on wool flannel

I love my bed. (this is not my bed in photo)

Sometimes it bores me because I know it too well.

Other times I think it is my absolute favorite and bordering- on- sublime place on the planet.

This, I know, is an unhealthy amount of attention to be paid to a piece of furniture.

I love it. I hate it.

Where is my therapist?

A symptom most people dealing with MS experience is a kind of fatigue not unlike the sudden onset of a full on stupor.

It is different than just normal exhaustion following a trip to the gym or a day digging a ditch (not that I would know..)

This core tiredness visits at inopportune times as an unwelcome guest.

I was sitting with a good friend yesterday having a charged and REALLY inspiring conversation.

Every cell of me was engaged in what we were talking about.

One moment all of me was there..

And the next moment 2/3 of me was gone or going.

I know this pattern well enough to be able to say: “OK.. I’m fading.”

And those that know and love me get it that I need to stop doing what we were doing and go home.

I am always a little bit miffed when I need to truncate my life like that.

It is then that I love my bed.

Until I don’t again.

And get up to meet life and give it a solid hand shake and move on down the road.

To see what’s next…


One Response to “My Friend and Foe”

  1. Laura Hegfield on October 3rd, 2010

    I know, I know, I KNOW! My bed has been my home all week since Tuesday. Such a simple bed…basic metal frame below, box springs, mattress the “back-board” being two windows that allow me a view of the woods behind our house. Nothing fancy…just a place to rest my impossibly exhausted body.

    may your body relax deeply and experience a bit of a re-charge today in your blessed bed.

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