detail of sculpture, naturally pigmented earth, clay

I have spoken before about how my body registers the various frequencies of color.

In my long walk toward authenticity, I have worn primarily black.

Not that I knew why I had that proclivity.

But I do now.

Black is a neutral color.

On my body, when I put on some black piece of clothing, the essence of me stays the same.

It doesn’t change my mood or ask me to be something that I am not at that moment.

Say I put on a bright yellow top.

The vibration that yellow carries is bright and fast and energetic.

It would seriously throw me over the edge.

The vibration color carries is one reason we dress in one thing and feel superb and another has us praying to get home for the chance to change clothes.

Because I am more ‘ME’ now, I am better able to gauge what color, etc. helps me be MORE me.

Right now I am hungry for a particular color of scarlet.

I want it around my face and over my chest/heart.

My sister gave me a velvet scarf close to this color I’m talking about but I seem to want more of it.

Not sure what this looks like yet but it feels right so I’ll see what unfolds (so to speak..)

The mystery of it all…


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