The Nerve

monoprint, 22″ x 30″

If you stop to take the pulse of the planet these days we feel a bit nervy, wouldn’t you say?

On edge? Poised for something or other?

I seem to have a lot of my attention on how to use my skills in working with youth.

Is it guilt I feel for leaving them our big mess to manage when we are long gone?


If you were to ask me to list my greatest accomplishments to date, the list might look like this:

1. Surviving and ultimately thriving despite the cards I’ve been dealt.

2. Learning how to choose good friends and how to be one (work in progress).

3. Remembering ‘Beginner’s Mind’.

Yep.. That is the extent of my list…

I like it.

At some point, if you are very lucky, life stops being about you.

And giving away the gold you’ve panned for all these years seems to be the only sane thing to do.

And so… I’ve got my eye out for opportunities.

It is the next and most important prescription in my healing.

Give it away.. Give it away.. Give it away..


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