“INSCRIPTION”, 40″ x 60″, 1993, m/m

I listen carefully to people’s voices.

The tone and where the sound comes from in one’s body are markers for me.

You could say I sort of ‘read’ a voice.

Unintentionally, mind you, but it happens just the same..

My own, for example, is a perfect example.

If I am afraid for some reason, my voice is up in my throat.

When I feel very at ease or truly undefended, it slides to just below my chest.

Then, occasionally, I feel my voice generated from below my belly.

It’s kind o f the ‘growl-zone’, you could say.

Something gets added to the recipe from that place which has to do with primal interests.

All of my intelligences are piqued and I am called to order.

SomeTHING is afoot.

And the whole of me steps aside (figuratively speaking) to see what wants to happen.

I am fully aware this all may sound like metaphysical ‘foll-de-roll’ but, I assure you, this this is very real to me.

And really… I trust how I hear you more than anything you could say.


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