Walkin’ On Down The Road

ceramic sculpture, 12″ h (varies)

There are those of us who choose unexamined lives.

Granted, it is a hard row to hoe, the life of a perpetual student of ones’ self.

I am in the middle of watching a film on the Buddha.

He had every thing.

I mean EVERY THING in the cloister of his father’s palace.. wine, women.. the whole shebang.

One day he cut loose and decided to see what was beyond the walls of the kingdom.

Illness he saw. And death and age.


His bubble of sensualist bliss was burst.

And the only thing his heart would let him do was go out there..

Soak himself in this thing called life.

And he did.

He saw so much suffering that his final action as a regular guy was to say: “I am going to sit under this tree and not get up until I have the key to this suffering conundrum.”

And he kept his word.

He sat right there for years and years until he had the answer that he was looking for.

And we have the Grace of his teachings.

The point here is this: The only thing an unexamined life will get you is more of the same.

We can walk down the road with a ‘know-it-all’ swagger,

Or slow down a bit and dip our chin toward humility and have the possibility of seeing the treasure there tucked between two rocks.

The greatest gift is the fact we have the CHOICE!

For myself. It’s a moment-by-moment question mark..

Will she wake up?

Or will she sleep?


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  1. Muff on October 6th, 2010

    Thanks, Cathy, for a very thought-inspiring post. As Dag Hammarskjold said, “The hardest journey is the journey inward.”

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