Change Has Come

“ALEXANDRA’S INFLUENCE”, 24″ x 24″, 1999, m/m

My mission at this time in my life is to change the paradigm of disability.

Disability is one of the last strongholds of old thinking that still supports cultural backpedaling, fear stemming from ignorance and the essence of IMPOSSIBILITY and VICTIM-mentality.

The woman writing you this today is a testament to another way.

Life has been peppered for me with experiences no one should have had to go through.

Since I seem to be blessed with the ability to articulate our very humanness in honest and vulnerable ways many people can relate to..

The ‘powers that be’ keep asking me to do so.

These ‘stand up and be seen’ jobs are often not what I ever dreamed for myself.

But my ‘ Self ‘ is far and away more important to me now than my ‘self’ if you get my drift….

And so I do it.

Because I can.

I honestly have no idea what my life is to look like in the next 5 years.

I do know that the beginning is to step into the shoes,

That seem far too large at the moment.

I am unfamiliar with their style or fasteners, ties or zippers.

But try, I must..

And perhaps cover enough ground as I break them in,

That they have the chance to be come my favorites; worn with a sheen turned to patina.

Funny, when you can listen into life and FEEL yourself projected into the future,

Sort of like it is already done……

Except for the doing of it.


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