Coming Up

“FINE LINE”, 1996,11″ x 11″ x 4″, m/m

Sometimes, I hover dangerously close to a guilt complex.

I watch the news and look hungrily into the eyes of those we’ve entrusted to govern,

And I cant find them…

Guarded, hidden, wiggling around in a mire of untruth attempting to remember the last one they expressed to keep the story cogent.

To write the next fat chapter.

And the next.

What in the world are we leaving our kids?

What WORLD are we leaving as our legacy?

And so.. I feel the tug toward reaching out my one steady arm to our kids.

Assuaging the effects of my misplaced guilt of our generation,

By pushing my voice beyond a whisper,

Perhaps singing AMAZING GRACE in their not fully formed ear.

(OH my.. I do carry on… my voice shouldn’t be heard beyond the shower stall!)

They have a new anthem and it sounds like this: TEDxYOUTH DAY SONG

Pass this by at your own peril..

The light in the eyes you’ll see is quite available and bright and eager and ready.

The gift we can give is to keep our foundation strong and whole, impenetrable and ready;

Ready for new shoes and bare feet to step forward to take their place.

I’ve no doubt their recipe will look quite different than ours.

Oh…I’d love a taste of that….


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