High Line

detail of painting, m/m

I woke in the early dark..

And read the news. The most recent WIKILEAKS are the headlines today.

The world feels teeming with the fear and awkwardness of paradigm shift.

I felt myself going into a muddle.

It is what I do sometimes when big things are happening and I have no control; in this case, the domino effects we can expect from these new and unveiled security leaks which seem to make all too visible the ineffectual and subversive communication we are ALL pretty much guilty of..

What to do to make what I call ‘THE RETURN?’

For me, that means an action directing my consciousness toward something life-filled, creative and inspiring to me.

I went to THE HIGH LINE.

If you are unfamiliar with this recently completed architectural and horticultural jewel of NYC, let me introduce you.

It really is the brainchild of two regular guys who saw the behemoth remains of an old and unused, raised freight railroad track which meanders through the city as it passes into and out of old warehouses where the trains used to unload goods,

And envisioned it as a raised park for New Yorkers to enjoy.

Imagine! Two guys with an idea and a couple years later, we have a sophisticated testament to vision, moxie, sweat and probably quite a bit of debate.

The thing that gets me is the fact that this gorgeous achievement rose up from the tangled and weedy leftovers of our old selves.

The beauty, to me, is not in it’s newness,

But rather the fact that the thing that WAS shifted into something re-purposed and ALIVE in a very different way.

I see myself that way; the challenges of this body re-purposing ME into someone more beautiful, I think.

And our culture is no different..

We, also are being re-purposed.

Tangled and needing a makeover so badly.

Our wheels are rusting from too much static : “I know it all..”

Change is gritty.

And usually unwelcome in it’s foreignness.

Because there is grief in letting go of the known.

But without that step, no room is created for the new thing.

So the tears and confusion are all core ingredients,

We need to fuel the butter churn.


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  1. gerry harty on November 29th, 2010

    so very brilliant cathy…my favorite yet!!!…thank you so much ,gerry xoxo

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