“I” Tunes

detail of sculpture, ceramic

I sing to my dog.

She likes my voice.

I know this because her eyes go half-mast as soon as I start a song and re-open to regular as soon as I finish.

The songs are never the same.

They go like this:

“I love this dog…..

She is my fav-o-rite creature…

And I don’t know what I ever did…

Beee fore you came a longgggggg………….”

You get the picture.

I ask you? WHO in their right mind wouldn’t swoon at the sound of that?

I like to sing.

I know most of the words to Rolling Stones songs, weirdly enough.

But yesterday, I couldn’t remember my cell phone passcode #.

This is not faulty cognitive wiring.

Just regular age stuff.

The thing about my songs to the dog that pleases us both,

Is that we know they are pure and unadulterated LOVE.

Just a direct line of the stuff from my heart to hers.

You’d think it would be easy to translate that to the human world.

Workin’ on that tune….


2 Responses to ““I” Tunes”

  1. Deborah on November 13th, 2010

    I sing to Bodhi, too!

  2. Kel on November 28th, 2010

    I sing to my dog too
    and my cat
    they each had “their song” i made up when they first came to live at our house
    and if they are stressed and i sing ‘their song’ to them, they visibly relax

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