Kindness, Coolness, Can This Be?

“CREATURE”, 2001, 14″ x 4″ x 2″, ceramic

I have a doctor I adore.

Yesterday, he spent two full hours with me going over recent tests I had done on his request.

He forgot about lunch and tended to me.

The tests I did were VERY expensive in the realm of testing.

At this point, I am so frustrated and eager to find out WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING IN MY BODY that I laid down the cash.

Well, the results were pretty interesting.

Seems I tested off the charts for CANDIDA.

Plus a parasite.

I am fully aware that my digestive system is the core of my issues.

I know this because as I have cleaned up my diet and supported my gut I have stabilized my condition.

But I still have pockets of deathly fatigue and joint pain and can not lift myself from bed, some days.

Candida is something very familiar to me.

An overgrowth of yeast has been a pretty constant companion over the years but with my diet the way it is over the last years, I really thought the buggers had nothing to eat in the way of sugar (their food) so I MUST be rid of them.

If you have taken more than 4-5 rounds of antibiotics in your life, the intestinal ecology is likely compromised to some extent.

I took antibiotics for my skin all through puberty.

The first line of defense to kill off yeast in one’s system is to stop eating anything with sugar or yeast; wine, beer, bread, desserts, anything good, really.

Well, my lips haven’t touched those comfort foods (except periodically sinning like a healthy infidel) in YEARS.

So.. what’s with these test results?

Where did all this yeast come from?

The cool and cute and kind doctor tells me this:

When candida has been in the system long enough and in such extreme amounts, it does something kindof like linking arms and forming a film over the intestine wall. It becomes stronger in it’s numbers and the things usually used to kill it don’t work on this impenetrable film. The film keeps all food and nutrients away from the intestinal lining so the body has no chance to take in nutrients. So.. your body is starving.

I did not put that in quotes as it is not verbatim… just what I heard.

So… I FEEL HOPE! (This is such a weird life I am in…)

The tests found something.

And we have a new plan to rid Cathy’s body of the critters (SOMETIMES THIRD PERSON IS AS CLOSE AS I CAN CREEP TOWARDS MYSELF)

Of COURSE it is a long haul to detox.

But, once AGAIN… I am game.

I want LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

Without a caveat.

And so, she steps into the ring again.

Weary, but her outfit is cool.


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