Mongolian Sheepskin

detail of sculpture, ceramic

My friend bought a new coat.

It sports a collar made of white Mongolian Sheepskin atop a cable knit in white as well.

It takes my breath away to see her in it;

She’s a woman who knows how to dress.

Strong and feminine and inviting yet those who meet her know ‘she got the power..’

Women of history like Cleopatra and the like knew these things about adornment.

How to present ones’ self in particular situations as a fully feminine creature,

Not overly tipped toward the seduction side.

You can tell true women-of-beauty sometimes, by the way they wear things but never let THINGS wear them.

And a strong woman can carry a coat such as my friends’ and still allow you to meet HER first…

And only then, the coat.

When I see a woman teetering on stilettos and painted up past a particular point..

I cringe at the effort to attract some thing/one.

The thing is that I know she’s forgotten entirely about herself in the equation.

And that being the case, when the lure has been taken..

There’s absolutely no one there to bring in the wriggling and golden, live thing

Who is letting their interest be known.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on November 27th, 2010

    “the way they wear things but never let THINGS wear them.” I know exactly what you mean…and it makes all the difference in the world…a woman who dresses in the way you describe is shining her light and everything else is there to enhance her inner radiance!

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