Push Button

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Here in Santa Fe we have a plethora of gadgets, machines and hokey-pokey claiming off-the-charts healing capabilities.

I’ve tried many of them myself.

I get shadowed by desperation when my body exhibits the tendency to crumble.

You just might be grabbin’ at anyTHING with ‘hope’ as it’s middle name were you in my position.

One never knows till you’re there at the table, does one?

It can look quite insane to the blessed and fully functional but the game here is LIFE.

And I want to win.


I rented this magnetic frequency mat two days ago.

The MRS2000. Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

It has been on the tip of the healing communities tongue for the last year and offered up to me fairly regularly as a MUST TRY.

I wanted to find a video testimonial to share with you but they seem unconvincing to me at best so I won’t bother you with them.

I, myself, listen to the messenger in cases such as this and the people urging me to try the thing are stand up folks with big brains and honest hearts.

Ok…enough preamble, Cath.

I rented a mat for a week to try it. I lay on the thing 24 min. at time 3X per day.

1. nervous system calmed and smooth
2. tooth pain in jaw from poorly done root canals gone.
3. toes on right foot previously curled tightly under and getting blisters are relaxing toward normal
4. shoulder joint pain from muscle spasms pulling bone in directions it does not want to go, lessened
5. wake without so much stiffness
6. Olivia (dog) plasters self on my chest each time and her eyes go half mast and strange gurgling noises emanate from her throat.
So.. those are results in only 5 short sessions on this mat.

It feels like a warm and soft rain nourishing my frayed and weary nerves and musculature.

How I remember feeling as I ate a warm dessert long ago called Chocolate Pot-de Creme.

I want an IV of this feeling.

It’s my new drug; Peace

I will report in at the end of my dance with this thing.


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