Seeds Of Change

untitled, 1994, 1″ x 1/2″, ceramic

A friend and I are just about ready to launch a program we have dubbed: TWO WOMEN WITH A SECRET.

We will go into schools and sit at a table across from one another in front of 11-15 year old girls primarily,

And proceed to talk together about subjects like: fitting in, boys, sex, parents, love (self and other), education, rape, drugs, life-stuff in general…

The purpose of this is to model for young girls what two healthy women look like individually and together,

Bouncing off one another; sometimes knowing the answer and sometimes not.

But smart, genuine, funny, accessible, creative and real.

I know I have spoken before of my desire to work with kids and give something back in the way of little wisdoms I’ve gleaned.

I asked myself recently if I had three months to live what would I want to do?

And the answer surprised me.

I’d want to spend the time with teenagers.

How strange to go through life never wanting to have children and working on my art career all this time,

Only to reach a ripe age wanting/needing to share what secrets I’ve collected over the years,

About how to love yourself, be grateful for what is already in your sphere and walk proudly into the next day dressed up in finery,

Which happens to have absolutely nothing to do with jewels…

But more like humility, curiosity plus a fierce AND soft heart.

Plus the right shade of lipstick.

Yep.. I wish I had someone like me at their age so I could see how it looked..

I mean, for heavens’ sake! We are leaving this really messed up, world-in-transition to the next generation..

Wouldn’t it be good if we also left them some tools to help them make their way?


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  1. Laura Hegfield on November 15th, 2010

    love this idea Cathy. I worked with teens for seven years as a teacher of yoga/meditation/art and jewish spirituality…and ran two girls groups where we could really connect…it was all so deeply rewarding. Some of the girls still stay in touch with me via fb (of course) and occasionally will come visit me…and ask me for support when they are unsure about stuff in their live. It’s pretty amazing. I learned so much from the kids too (I taught boys and girls)…

    do it…get out there and connect…make a difference…I know I did and they made a difference in my life too!

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