The Awe Factor

detail of sculpture, ceramic

What do you get when a cellular biologist takes a workshop at PIXAR animation studios?

THIS! “THE INNER LIFE OF A CELL” an animated short film produced by Harvard University.

This is the kind of thing that just sends me..

Even as most of what we know and trust in the world is crumbling and shifting into something we know not what…

Exciting things like the above are happening.

I love being able to feel into my body differently after watching this.

A miracle, we are…. I am.


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  1. Bibliotekaren on November 19th, 2010

    Aren’t their creations amazing?

    I was going to share a link to the interviews with the scientists (they were so enthusiastic), but their site keeps freezing up. Maybe a bit more traffic than their servers can handle!

    Thanks for sharing.

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