untitled, 30″ x 30″, 2007, earth, clay. pearls, gold thread

I am fascinated by crop circles.

It is so obvious which of them are human-created.

So much inane bickering over who/what created these mysterious things.

Just another example, as far as I am concerned, of wherever the light shines brightly, we must crucify it ASAP.

Clearly, the source of these delicate and magnificent creations has a tender spot for the density of our humanness.

These designs began so long ago with elementary qualities directed at our innocence.

In recent months they arrive with stunning and complicated mathematical precision.

Still intent on peeling through our fear and distrust.

Is this not compassionate, I ask you?

Did you know that when a caterpillar enters it’s cocoon stage it TOTALLY liquifies,

And somehow rearranges itself into a butterfly,

Eventually poking itself out of it’s tight wrapping,

To unfold and warm it’s new wings in the sun?

I feel like that..

In the liquid stage, I am.. (WE are, I think).

Not knowing much of anything for sure.

Except that we surely are all in some kind of fog.

Or in-between place.

Where if we are smart,

All we know

Is that WE DON”T KNOW.

And aren’t supposed to as yet, it seems.

So here I am in my half-liquid state just panting for my wings.

Where the hell ARE those wings, anyway?


We are so peskily human…. wanting.. wanting more and more.

I just don’t know…..

I just don’t know……………….


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