Addendum #2

textile design, 1988, silk

A good friend gave me a welcome nudge the other day.

She mentioned I really hadn’t quite addressed the Social Security Disability issue I recently wrote about as completely as I might’ve.

And I heartily agreed.

What with all the outside coaching I received to prepare for my appointment like: “Dress like a bag lady and refrain from showering..”

I really was left with more missionary zeal than I had before,


We, as a culture, are stuck in the antiquated and fetid position of forever shuffling our lame and infirm off into some shadowy place far away from the prized human specimens with all their parts shiny and buffed.

Must I actually stoop LOWER to receive governmental assistance?

Is it actually not enough that I use a walker to gain access to places others run and jump and spin their way into?

Or that I say prayers of gratitude for my access to ambidexterity as I’ve lost the use of my right hand?


And I WILL wear the elegant clothes that help me feel beautiful,

And I WILL wear a particular shade of red lipstick.

Because hiding my light under a bushel basket will do nothing for me

But make me sicker.

So..the whole experience of playing the game of acquiring disability assistance was and is a valuable one.

My survival depends on this financial aid, yes.

And I am not stupid enough to shove my attempts at well being under their noses to make sure they smell my Chanel #5..

Going through the process has me acutely aware that the system is so very flawed and dangerous, even.

Shrinking our psyches and souls in order to fit through the keyhole beyond which the money is placed,

Is the antithesis of health-promoting.

Which, if the powers-that-be are awake..

IS COSTLY!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Addendum #2”

  1. Bibliotekaren on December 6th, 2010

    glad to hear your conclusions

  2. carols on December 6th, 2010

    Hi Cathy, ran into your guest blog via my friend Rose who was also guest blogger that day. I saw your video and wanted to know more about you, and the person you are today (versus 10 years ago). So intelligent, beautiful and clear. Best to you this week…you deserve everything and more.

  3. Elisa on December 8th, 2010


  4. Laura Hegfield on December 8th, 2010

    yes and…I still need to fill out my paperwork…but I do feel strengthened by your vigor Cathy…yes I DO!!!

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