untitled, 1998, 20″ x 5″, ceramic

If I had to pick one thing I feel most passionately about it would probably be authenticity.

Leading an authentic life.

Not a ‘culturally correct’ life,

Or even one whose bedrock is created from the rock harvested from another person’s mine.

Is this possible?

The path I’ve chosen is rife with ‘little deaths.’

I act one way and it doesn’t match up with the template slowly taking form in my being.

I get it.


Try not to judge.

Choose again.

Life goes on like this for me.

The rewards are rich and beyond my comprehension in how my life and well-being are enhanced on all levels when I get it right.

This subject is the true core of my healing.

As I get clearer on what’s true for me,

I get healthier.

I came across this website which addresses authenticity as a core value: THE AUTHENTICITY ACCELERATOR.

This man has come up with 5 attributes for an authentic life:


We are all so very unaware of the power in the identities we’ve taken on as ours:

Mother, father, brother sister, artist, computer programmer, gardener, teacher, busboy, banker, MS diagnosee…

Who are we without these costumes?

This is what interests me.

I think eyes are a reliable method of seeing who’s sitting across the table from you,

As well as looking into the mirror.

Is there light there?





The eyes are a reliable place to look for a person unveiled, shall we say.

I catch myself looking in the mirror too, too often.

Not solely from a vanity standpoint, but I am a woman who likes being a woman..

No, I look to see if my eyes match up with the person I feel I am in that moment.

Often, they don’t.

And I pause or withdraw to readjust.

And see how that feels.

And if I sense I am closer to ‘home’ in that shift,

I know I’m on the right road.


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  1. Marnie ONeil on December 13th, 2010

    I LOVE this … I love the core properties … my husband often speaks of the man he would NOT be if he had never been diagnosed with progressive ms. It strips you down .. gets rid of alot of those “titles” .. wonderful words thanks for sharing!

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