Falling in Love With Duality

“BLACK AND WHITE”, ceramic, 18″ x 4″

My girlfriends, (of ‘the dinner’ I wrote about over the weekend)

Sat in a circle and aired our concerns.

We found them to be small in the face of the shining thing that is our friendship

And left the circle a tighter knit brood of broads

Than we were before.

That healing would never have occurred had the ‘bad’ part not catapulted us onto the playing field of love.

My heart feels soft.

And I am paying homage to the contrasts that accentuate the things we’d like to be different.

I checked out a favorite site this morning: STEVE McCURRY’S BLOG, and found him posting some of his ever-so-poignant photographs on the subject of contrast.

Please do have a look.

As we go into the darkest night of the year, I think it is good to remember the light as well..

And value them both equally for the gifts they are and those they help us see clearer.

Happy Solstice.


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  1. Laura Hegfield on December 20th, 2010

    the darkness accentuates the light and the light helps us to look deeply into the darkness …all for healing, all for love. I’m so happy you have a circle of friends to support you dear one!

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