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I love the word FLUX.

It has various meanings as any good word does (Cathy’s bias) …

1. a flowing or flow.
2. the flowing in of the tide.
3. continuous change, passage, or movement: His political views are in a state of flux.
6. fusion.

(I took the liberty of honing in on the definitions that interest me today)

In metallurgy, flux is the soldering agent that allows two separate pieces of metal to be joined as one.

It starts out in what looks like solid form but you can certainly see that as it gets heated and placed near another like piece of metal,


The flow is directional, insistent even..

Yes, it needs heat for the alchemy to happen.

But the IMPETUS is inherent in the thing.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about here..

The instinctual impetus to go where we go.

Which is very different than making a DECISION to go or do stuff.

The mind is ONLY ONE kind of intelligence available to us.

And that thing we call ‘intelligence’ seems to be built into us,

And awakened when we get close to some thing/one possessing enough common factors,

That the ‘pull’ to do the alchemy thing begins getting insistent.

This has been occurring in my life more frequently.

Ideas, people, goals I’ve set, food, books are all playing fields.

These are the forces which interest me most.

They need “BIG MIND” as opposed to “small mind” as the heat I spoke of.

But when I really get out of my own way,

Some thing/one new is revealed,

Which resembles me,

But shines a bit brighter.


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