The Light! The Light!

untitled, 4 1/2′ x 6′, m/m

“Innocence is what we allow
to be gifted back to us
once we’ve given ourselves away.”

“….it seems as if the developed western world has entered an extended twilight, as if it has for a moment lost its way or doesn’t want to find the way or is too tired to find the way or as if it needs a good glass of wine and a good lie down to catch up with itself. It is as if it has no time for bravery or new beginnings and as if it is ending a very awful, bad day indeed, its sole perspective a pervasive indebtedness; a profound buyer’s remorse.”
– David Whyte

I get up in the morning and read the news in various places: CNN, NPR, Huffington Post.

Trying to keep one finger on the pulse of what’s outside my sphere which feels so myopic at times.

I have particular places that are my ‘go-to’ web locations

When I REALLY need to find LIFE.

I mean LIFE at it’s pulsating best.

Not a technicolor version with incessant bells and whistles,

But real life, unveiled and naked and trembling.

I don’t want a report at times like these..

The lively and fluid and impossibly red blood we all share as humans is what I’m after.

Today, I found the above quotes from David Whyte’s site.

He is a poet.

But more..

He is a depth connoisseur.

A deep and wide listener of the Mysteries and Realities we each hold hands with on a daily basis.

I sense a wriggling and patient (sometimes not..) LIFE in his writing and thinking.

He is a ‘go-to’ guy for me when I stumble

And get the dead air knocked out of me.

He helps me breathe again.

Usually, it is impossibly fresh.


2 Responses to “The Light! The Light!”

  1. Carol S. on December 21st, 2010

    …” or as if it needs a good glass of wine and a good lie down to catch up with itself”…so true, so true. Tis the season. I read that quote two or three times before continuing. Very good.

  2. Laura Hegfield on December 22nd, 2010

    Cathy, thank you for turning me on to yet another human being filled with grace, grit and honest wisdom. I’m loving Steve McCurry’s site…raw, real, grounded.


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