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Truth be told, in the 10 years I have dealt with MS

There are few times I remember catching the proverbial flu or cold snaking their way through the general population.

Because my immune system is in hyper-drive

I seem to have skirted most of the maladies which befall my friends.

Except I have now been pretty much in bed for three days with the flu.

I am pretty good at lying to myself

About stuff which might very well keep others hunkered down

And playing it safe.

Safety has never really been that interesting to me

As I am drawn to the wider view

And, for better or worse,

Am less taken by the

“In-your-face’ realities

Vying for my attention.

I laid down for three days

Because I couldn’t do other than that.

The thing was insistent

And I hadn’t the interest nor the energy to argue.

And so I gave in to the between-the-worlds

Sort of giddy delirium

And slept.

And I tell you..

I am better for it!

I don’t mean the obvious thing of: ‘when not feeling well..lie down…’

I’m talkin’ the gift of shucking the ego.

(All the ‘shoulds and coulds and maybes and ifs and buts’)

And leaving it at the side of the road

Or at least in the laundry room

And naked in your need

Lie down.

And stay there until you are done.

Really done.


3 Responses to “Lying”

  1. Laura Hegfield on January 31st, 2011

    the gift of shucking the ego…

    yes just letting go and truly being with what IS…the inescapable truth of the moment at hand (try as we might to escape…ha, ha).

  2. Barry on January 31st, 2011

    Well this may be more info than you want to hear, but all but the core vestiges of my ego had to be set aside for the last two days preparing for and undergoing my first ever colonoscopy.
    Hope you’re feeling much better!

  3. Carol S. on February 2nd, 2011

    Wise woman. Glad you feel better after a long lie down. Husband headed to bed with something nasty tonight…hope its not three days worth.

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