untitled, 2006, 40″ x 40″, earth, rocks

One reason I do not keep a cache of pre-written posts

At the ready in case I face the great vacuum

Of writer’s block

Is the fact that the small and hidden currents

Which get overlaid with more glittery flotsam

Are highly interesting to me.

Today, what surfaced is


It snowed here last night.

I slept with the sweet love of a friend’s phone call checking on me

Before I huddled in for the evening.

This morning, all I can think about is earth, strangely.

Wet and turned, perfumed Michigan earth.

The smooth, clay fortified sheen my dirt road gets

After the grader (named Phil) passes through.

That time I was hiking

Years ago

With strong, tanned thighs

And I came across a mini garden of sorts:

Arrowheads and man-made stone tools rested on small pinnacles

Of sand eroded

And undisturbed

For eons, probably.

All this is happening under this new snow.

I find it interesting what migrates to the fore

And becomes something of value

When I lose

Abilities I didn’t even know

I loved.


One Response to “Dirt”

  1. Carol S. on February 2nd, 2011

    Hmmmm…so who created that garden you stumbled upon and is that a picture of it? Now under snow. Cars are literally buried under it on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. It’s nuts. Stay warm!

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